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I hope you’re ready to go explore dolphins & sealife in FL!

Throughout my life, I have had many, many experiences with aquatic life on Florida waterways, mainly saltwater intercoastal areas. For over four years now, I have been studying the behavior and community structure of intercoastal Bottlenose Dolphins, and the dolphins of Florida are truly the focus of Snails2Whales, however, as I continue my journey in learning more about Florida’s dolphins, I will also be sharing with you information about some of the other animals I encounter.

Gasparilla Sound dolphin “Mangrove”

I love Florida. It’s waterways, particularly Placida Harbor and Gasaprilla Sound, are my favorite places on the face of the earth and have been ever since March of 2013, when I encountered a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins in Gasaprilla Pass, and started a research project on the area’s dolphin community. The waterways in Florida have been a place where many of my dreams really have come true – and this has been accomplished with some of Florida’s amazing wildlife. Now, I want to share these incredible and beautiful waterways with you, so that maybe you too can feel what it’s like to be in the presence of a mother dolphin and her newborn baby, to follow a giant Spotted Eagle Ray across a sandbar, to race through an inlet in a skiff, fleeing from a harsh storm moving quickly in from the ocean in the darkest of nights. So come on and follow me down to a boat ramp, then into the waterway and watch the dolphins, the manatees, the birds. Learn about the animals and how, together, we can help conserve them – and do it all without ever leaving your seat! Let’s go!