About Snails2Whales.com

Hi everyone, I’m Jaynee Grace, and welcome to my web and blog site, Snails2Whales.com! Here, I feature Florida’s amazing marine life and waterways, exploring all aquatic life in Florida, from the snails to the whales!

Florida’s amazing dolphin populations are truly the focus of snails2whales.com. In fact, since March of 2013, our team has been conducting in the field studies on the behavior and community structure of  wild Bottlenose Dolphins in the Matanzas River and Placida Harbor, however, we never pass up the opportunity to see other incredible aquatic animals in Florida, either! So, get ready to embark on a journey of exploration across Florida, from the harbors and lagoons to freshwater spring runs, learning about the aquatic animals and wildlife, and why it is important that we protect and preserve these stunning habitats – and do it all without ever leaving your seat!

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