Thanks everyone for reading my recent series of posts, titled, “Exploring Florida’s Coastal Ecosystems!” In our last article, we explored mangrove swamps, one of Florida’s most abundant coastal ecosystems – today, we’re going to learn more about salt marshes. In Florida, salt marshes are only found in north Florida, and […]

Salt (Tidal) Marsh Ecosystems

Cocoa beach sunrise photo
This morning, I had planned to get up early, take the kayak out in the lake behind my house, and photograph the sunrise on the water. I got up early, only to find that this morning’s sky is hidden by a thick cover of clouds. Well, I may try again […]

Here’s Some Sunrise Photos to Wake Up To

happy first birthday, surge
Happy birthday to one of Marineland Dolphin Adventure’s most playful and interactive young dolphins, Surge! He’s turning one year old today! Surge is a male Common Bottlenose Dolphin who was born at Marineland Dolphin Adventure on September 29, 2016, only two months after the facility welcomed another calf, ‘Oli, into […]

Surge the Dolphin is Celebrating his 1st Birthday at Marineland ...

Roxy, an adult female Bottlenose Dolphin who lives at Marineland Dolphin Adventure in St. Augustine, Florida, is turning 27 years old today! Happy birthday Roxy! Roxy, I hope that you and your calf Surge have a great day today! You’re such a special dolphin, who almost always will swim up […]

Happy 27th Birthday, Roxy!

Throughout, you may have noticed us using IDs for wild dolphins identified by the Dolphin Discoveries Project. In case you were wondering, this is how you read those IDs: Let’s take, for instance, and adult female Bottlenose Dolphin in the Matanzas River, Glaze. Glaze’s ID is MRU8. The “MR” […]

How to Read DDP Dolphin IDs

Marineland Florida (also known as Marineland Dolphin Adventure) is a great place to visit if you live in Florida or are thinking about vacationing here. They are a non profit dolphin conservation center dedicated to inspiring the public to have a better appreciation for dolphins and marine life, and I […]

A Hidden Jewel to Explore When You Visit Marineland Florida