Happy Birthday, Valkkai!

Someone very special is turning one year old today! Happy happy birthday to Valkkai the dolphin from Gasparilla Sound! It’s hard for me to believe that he’should already a year old. It seems like just yesterday we were idling the … Continue reading

Might Dolphins Pull Barnacles Off Of Their Companions?

Wait, barnacles on an acrobatic, fast moving, high leaping dolphin? Yes, a certain species of barnacle, Xenobalanus globicipitis, is specially designed to hang on to fast moving marine mammals, such as dolphins. They mostly hang on to the edges of … Continue reading

Dolphin Awareness Month is Almost Over, But It’s Not Too Late to Do Something Beneficial For Dolphins!

Dolphin awareness month may be almost over, but it’s not too late to do something that will benefit dolphins! The weekend is approaching quickly. Some of you reading this today may have plans to go to the beach or go … Continue reading

Happy Dolphin Awareness Month

Happy dolphin awareness month! Today we’re sharing dolphin pictures and videos to celebrate!     This awesome video features video clips of dolphins jumping, splashing, surfacing, and swimming underwater. It also has a spectacular “grand finale” at the very end! … Continue reading

New Year, New Dolphin!

The day after New Years Day, the Dolphin Discoveries Project identified a new dolphin calf – Kaytar!

Kaytar is a frisky and curious but also a quite naughty little dolphin calf. He/she was featured in this week’s Picture of the Week as “the dolphin calf that jumped out of the water.” Yes, Kaytar was in a jumping frenzy when we first saw him/her.

“Kaytar” is a play off the Armenian word “kaytarr” meaning “frisky,” which perfectly describes this playful baby.

[update: Kaytar has been identified as only having passed through the Placida area]