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Someone very special is turning two years old in Placida Harbor! Happy birthday, Coconut! I can hardly believe you’re already this old! It seems like just yesterday, a little baby dolphin was swimming around my paddleboard, now, you’re almost completely full-sized. Coconut is a female Common Bottlenose Dolphin who has […]

Happy 2nd Birthday, Coconut!

Due to potentially dangerous weather conditions from hurricane Irma, the Dolphin Discoveries Project has postponed their September 2017 research trip to Placida, Florida. Our original plan was to visit Placida this week, but with a hurricane on its way to Florida, the trip was postponed. We hope to travel to […]

Placida September 2017 Dolphin Discoveries Research Trip Postponed

Recently the Dolphin Discoveries Project confirmed dates for their upcoming September 2017 dolphin research trip to the Matanzas River. Our goal for this upcoming trip is to continue identifying  more individual dolphins from the stretch of river from Bing’s Landing to around Fort Matanzas. We also hope to explore some […]

Dolphin Discoveries Research Trip to Matanzas River Planned For September ...

Happy birthday month to two wild dolphins identified by the Dolphin Discoveries Project, Silverside and Minnow! Minnow is a young Bottlenose Dolphin who lives in Placida Harbor, on Florida’s southwest coast. Although we don’t know Minnow’s exact date of birth, we suspect that he/she was born sometime around September of […]

Happy Birthday Month, Silverside & Minnow!

In March of 2017, the Dolphin Discoveries Project spent a day on the Matanzas River, from Bing’s Landing to Fort Matanzas, photographing the dorsal fins of Common Bottlenose Dolphins for later identification. After anylizing the data, we found that several individual dolphins seen in the Matanzas River from just south […]

Supposed Ages of Matanzas River March 2017 Dolphin Calves Determined

It was now the morning after my UNFORGETTABLE night time dolphin encounter on the south tip of Little Gasparilla Island. It was early in the morning, probably around 7:00 AM. We were loading the boat for a morning dolphin watch, and packing up some diving/snorkeling equipment, as the water was […]

Placida-Gasparilla Sound July 2017 – Day 4 – “A Dolphin ...

The thought of “Zenil” the dolphin from Gasaprilla Sound nearly loosing her tail back in 2003 never would have crossed my mind, had I not come across a news article on the story. When Dolphin Discoveries first saw Zenil, she had terrible propeller scars (that were healed over), now we […]

Interesting Background Info on “Zenil” the Dolphin That Will Surprise ...

Every evening in Placida Harbor, which is attached to Gasaprilla Sound on Florida’s southwest coast, one to three dolphins come to a small mudflat, one that we have been calling “The 7 Docks Down Flats” for as long as I can remember (here’s a Google Maps areal picture [link]). It is […]

Dolphins In Gasparilla Sound Possibly Outswimming Prey to Catch It

Wait, barnacles on an acrobatic, fast moving, high leaping dolphin? Yes, a certain species of barnacle, Xenobalanus globicipitis, is specially designed to hang on to fast moving marine mammals, such as dolphins. They mostly hang on to the edges of a dolphin’s dorsal fin, pectoral flipper, and/or tail flukes. Although […]

Might Dolphins Pull Barnacles Off Of Their Companions?