Clip 1: Tomo at Marineland Dolphin Adventure Clip 2: dolphin in Placida Harbor Clip 3: Mangrove in Gasparilla Sound Clip 4: Zac at Marineland Dolphin Adventure Clip 5: dolphin in Placida Harbor

Flipagram Video 1

This video is a movie of different videos from my most recent visit to Inkfish Bay all strung together into a longer video of dolphins swimming together as a family. The video features several of the local Inkfish Bay dolphins, along with a few newcomers. In the first part of […]

Bottlenose Dolphins: Together As a Family

Whenever we set out on a boat to observe dolphins during one of our Dolphin Discoveries project research trips, we normally have someone wear a GoPro mountable camera on their head. This allows us to match up-close photographs with video footage of behavior and get better details of different events. […]

Video: “Coconut” the Dolphin Swims Up to Paddleboarder