The Dolphin Discoveries Research Project

Dolphin Discoveries is a research project studying the behavior and community structure of wild intercoastal Bottlenose Dolphins, using the Placida Harbor/Gasparilla Sound dolphins to accomplish this.

I am a member of the team (the head researcher, actually), and this project is one of the biggest reasons why I love the Placida area so much.

Dolphin Discoveries has currently identified over 60 individual bottlenose dolphins in the area, including fourteen local resident dolphins (dolphins that live in the area full time and rarely or never leave).

T-36 “Warsaw” & R-5 “Mangrove”

R-11 “Adzin”

R-5 “Mangrove”

Dolphin Discoveries and the Bottlenose Dolphins in Gasparilla Sound truly are the focus of I want to share with you the excitements and the struggles of dolphin research.

However, I don’t know if I really can describe what it’s like to be drifting on a paddleboard right next to a pair of active dolphins who are racing around and stirring up the water. Every second my heart is beating hard, I’m expecting something to happen, the finally one jumps, and sometimes all I can do is just shout out in excitement. That’s one thing that I’m afraid I can’t make you feel yourself – but I hope that someday, whether you ever visit Placida or not, you will get to experience that feeling somewhere out there in the ocean, for yourself.