Highlighted Waterways

We only write about waterways we’ve visited – that’s why not every waterway below is overlayed

I’ve visited many different waterways in Florida, from springs to rivers to saltwater waterways. Maybe you’re planning a trip to a waterway that I’ve been to, and there’s some information that you’re having trouble finding about that waterway. That’s why I set up this page – to give you the information you need, from what the water is like to what kind of wildlife you’ll likely see.

Not finding the specific information you’re looking for? Feel free to email me at snails2whales@gmail.com, or use the form provided at the bottom of this page.


Waterway Overlays: We have provided semi-transparent overlays covering waterways, so that you can see where they lay. To read about a waterway and see photos, click on the waterway. If you do not wish to view these overlays, click the square button that lays to left side of the “Florida’s Waterways” title, located in the top left corner of the map. A sidebar will appear. Next, click “Show/Hide Overlays.”

Find Boat Ramps: If you would like to look for a boat ramp on a waterway, look for a brown dot – those mark where boat ramps are. Click on the dot for more details.

Find Neat Places to Stop & Explore: blue dots mark a neat place that you can stop at and explore. Click the blue dot for more details.

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